Active since 2011, we create events related to our passion, the brewing of beer. Our mission is to transmit this passion and to teach participants how to make their own beer.

A story of passion

The creation of Brewspot was born out of a passion for good products and good beers. But also a passion for a job well done, for the right choice of ingredients. This passion, which dates back to 2002, has never died out and today we try to instil in our work the pleasure of teamwork and the passion for good products.


BrewSpot key dates

  • The birth of BrewSpot

    Christophe, the founder of BrewSpot, began brewing at home in 2002, after discovering homebrewing during his two-year stay in Montreal, Canada, following his engineering studies in Belgium. After many brewing sessions and following the growing interest of his entourage for homebrewing.

  • The birth of BrewSpot

    Brewspot was founded with a simple idea: to create discovery workshops and learn how to brew your own beer, but using the location of different breweries (Spots).

    This nomadic mode of working makes it easy to create events across the country.

  • Foundation of BrewSpot SPRL

    In 2017, Jean-Christophe joins Christophe to further develop the technical aspects of the brewing workshops. They formalize this collaboration by founding the structure BrewSpot SPRL.


  • The growth of BrewSpot

    Today BrewSpot offers a complete range of products for the corporate world and is developing a parallel activity: Chocspot, a version of the project dedicated to the manufacture of handmade chocolate.

  • 2002

  • 2011

  • 2017

  • 2020


Our values reflect our passion: creativity, respect, patience, innovation and passion.

Every day we accompany companies in these values.

The team

The BrewSpot Team

  • Christophe

    Founder & CEO

  • Jean-Christophe

    Founder & CTO

  • Maxime

    Event manager

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